In today's society, many people lack the time for their own space. Since it is not always easy to take this time yourself, I offer energetic companionship. SpaceTime includes one or more meetings, during which we delve into your current issues and clarify old patterns. The soul is the eternal part in you, the self that which has manifested in earthly matter. The self interacts with the sensory perceptions, the soul interacts supernaturally. In order to do justice to both, it is essential to take time for your inner space - unfortunately we do not learn how that works in school. Through my years of experience with mindfulness and meditation, I know a variety of techniques that help to create awareness of the inner space and more time for it. The goal of SpaceTime is a complete connection of self and soul so that you can live your life holistically.


SpaceTime takes place in my studio in Jona SG or via Skype and does not replace medical treatment, but serves deep relaxation and personal development. We discuss your current situation and see what steps are possible to improve it and increase your well-being. I am happy to assist you with my collected knowledge, so that you can take home practical information that will serve you as a tool on your further journey. SpaceTime also includes a treatment; Whether this is Reiki, Quantum Healing, Trance Healing, working with sound, essential oils or shamanic tools will be decided after our conversation.


The first session lasts one hour. If necessary, additional sessions in person or via Skype, of a duration tailored to your requirements, can be booked. The compensation of CHF 190.00 must be paid before the appointment.


Choose your desired date here:

CHF 190.00

  • verfügbar • available
  • 2 - 4 Tage Lieferzeit • 2 - 4 days delivery time

SpaceTime Intensive

SpaceTime Intensive is the same offer as SpaceTime, but we work together over a period of five weeks for three hours per week. You can choose yourself whether you want to spend these hours with me in Jona SG, or whether we hold the sessions via Skype. SpaceTime Intensive also includes a meditation that I personally create for you, as well as a Kala'Ni Wand as a tool for your inner healer. With this offer, I completely adapt to your wishes regarding time. The compensation of CHF 1'900.00 must be paid before the first appointment; Installment payments are possible on request.

CHF 1 900.00

  • verfügbar • available
  • 2 - 4 Tage Lieferzeit • 2 - 4 days delivery time

SpaceTime Mail

If you prefer a consultation via e-mail, you can book this offer. The price of CHF 19.00 applies to one e-mail in which I respond to your request as detailed as possible.

CHF 19.00

  • verfügbar • available
  • 2 - 4 Tage Lieferzeit • 2 - 4 days delivery time

If you have any questions before booking, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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